viernes, 13 de octubre de 2006


Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night
Sometimes I cannot believe it's all so fine
You were there, I was there
Sometimes I feel it's all a big lie
Sometimes I think you'll make me cry
Your eyes are a spark in the dark
And It was a long time
I've been so isolated
Every day and every night
I just dreamed about finding you
And now when I do
I feel I'll be so isolated
When it ends...
Du är så snäll
jag älskar dig... sött
Would you leave me for another?
Would you?
It is like if I were happy and sad
At same time
It is like if I were in the edge of a cliff
Ready to fall down
But I cannot find the exit, I just go ahead so fast
I don't care if this romance won't last
I am telling you I want to share with you
My precious moments
But I am feeling Isolated
I've been isolated
I've been isolated
I've been isolated
I've been isolated
Comments: well, sometimes I would love to have an Island for living there, me all alone. Now when I am getting more open hearted I feel it is all so strange, because I am acting in a way i never thought i was going to act like. This last week has been to most awesome week of my whole life, I never thought I would be so happy wrapping my arms in someone's body, all the time... what's it gonna be?

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  1. Anónimo10:45 p. m.

    porque escribas en ingles?

  2. Yo mejor preguntaría: ¿Porqué las cosas que tienen que ver con tus sentimientos mas profundos las escribes en inglés. Te da verguenza, te caché. Vive la vida


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