miércoles, 6 de diciembre de 2006

NoR a SiNgLe GoOdByE

Whatever the time was supposed to mean for us
It has broken the wings of the unknown birds
We couldn't handle them for more
Whatever the time was supposed to be for the two of us
It was similar as a fruity-cherry-bilded flirt
And we couldn't find a safe shore

So I understand that goodbyes
another lie
I see there is no way
So you went away
and Nor a single goodbye for me
neither a lie

The time and the stream has taken us apart
But the time and the stream will make us share more time
Even if you gave me no no no no
A single goodbye

say goodbye
Silence in the darkness of the woods
say goodbye

Silence in the arms of yours
say goodbye

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  1. te mande un msje ayer, no se si lo recibistebueno te saludo por aca tambien.
    feliz cumple!!! ya nos veremos par celebrar ok?

    besitos, te kiero mucho


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